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Hello there, I am Vee Perez the founder of TalentUplift.

My story is simple. I am a Chartered Accountant who fell in love with technology. You’ll benefit from my deep knowledge of Finance and Technology when you worked with me as I have helped many others before you. 

Being a small business owner myself, I see how imperative and invaluable it is to turn dollars into sense and use the power of technology to enable business growth.

My mission is to empower businesses with the use of technology to unlock their full potential and thrive in today’s digital age. 

Hello and welcome to TalentUplift!

You can relax, manage your business and not worry about the capacity or capability you don’t currently have. We’ve got you covered!  We will work in partnership with you.

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Vee Perez is the founder of TalentUplift. 

Creatively supporting small businesses, along with giving back to the community, helps to create the happiness vibe you feel when working with Vee.

Previously she served in senior leadership roles in Finance and IT in public and private sectors including a Singapore-based global company.  She led high performing teams and has a proven track record of delivering results, reducing costs and inefficiencies. She led and successfully delivered a number of digital transformation project.

She’s been a speaker at HealthShare NSW and eHealth NSW Expo 2014 and Oracle EPM Summit Sydney 2014.  She’s a Chartered Accountant with solid finance experience in the field of audit, finance reporting and analysis, budget, forecast and performance reporting and analytics. 

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